Your Dreams Are Beautiful

When you play and pretend, when you sleep and dream, what you see and what you feel. It is beautiful. I want to show you all the beautiful things there are to see in the world, so that your thoughts and your dreams are beautiful too. 

You will play cars that crash, and good guys, bad guys. It's funny what a 2-year-old boy learns, just from being a boy. That's all part of growing up too. But you will also learn what it is to see beautiful things. When you saw the underwater sea animals this weekend at the aquarium, we both said together, "so pretty."

It feels so nice to teach you about everything that's beautiful and pretty and amazing. I will keep remembering to show you all the beautiful things in life because these things are nice to notice and recognize. This is my promise to you and myself. So that your dreams and all that you see may be beautiful.

Shannon Randall